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I’ll mourn the end of the Beer Store

Re: Changing how we buy beer — Nov. 29

This editorial is not about how we buy beer, but how we distribute and manage our beer inventory. The eventual demise of the Beer Store, our ubiquitous beer distributor, is probably a foregone conclusion, but not necessarily the best outcome. I, for one, will mourn its passing.

I think of all the workers, across the province who will be out of work with only lower paying, non-union jobs available to replace them. I think of the bottle recycling program that has been a source of pride and participation across the province.

Instead of dismantling a well-run and profitable service, I believe it should be taken over, expanded and adapted to the needs of Ontarians in our modern era.

Why not replace the old model of selling foreign products with a distribution apparatus that focuses on the distribution and service to the myriad of microbreweries that are growing in popularity across the country, listing Ontario breweries first, other provinces’ microbreweries second, and the mighty foreign corporate producers last?

Out of date does not mean obsolete, just in need of a facelift, under new management.

Paul Mundy, Kitchener






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