Waterloo Region Record

Eva Sabourin, architecture research assistant, 23

What spurred your decision to cut your hair short?

“My last haircut was in 2018 — a mid-length bob — just before starting my undergraduate degree. In August, I finally finished school, and that’s when I said goodbye to my long hair. I booked my appointment with Shaunna Miller at Lola Salon for the day after our final design studio reviews.”

How did you feel when you first did the big chop?

“A rush of relief and excitement. My hair is rather thick, and with the length — just over 30 inches — it was getting so heavy, especially when wet. So as soon as I got to cut one of my braids, I felt a huge weight being lifted.”

How do you like to style it?

“I’ve been using foam and Velcro rollers, leaving them in overnight with slightly damp hair; sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes a miss! But now that my hair is a lot shorter, it can finally hold a curl and some volume.”

Any advice for the short-hair curious?

“I’d be lying if I said I left my appointment completely over-the-moon happy; part of me was mourning the hair I brushed, washed and cared for for the past five years. I felt like my image had changed so much and I was afraid I’d made a huge mistake. I think these feelings are completely normal and valid: if you leave the salon spiralling, don’t freak out!”






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